Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Card making meets jewelry making

I spent last night working on an idea for a metal clay necklace.  Unfortunately, as I lifted the piece from the drying rack I had it on, I dropped it an broke it.  Luckily, I discovered that the clay can be re-hydrated and used again. So I did that tonight with all my dried up bits, and now it's resting and absorbing water so I can use it maybe tomorrow..

In the meantime, with the clay taht was still workable, I made another necklace that I'd had an idea for.  It kind of reminds me of the wreaths I used to make back in the 80s.  The fun part was that I used my card making punches to punch out the flower shapes.  How cool is that?  Of course, I'll probably have to scrub the punches now so that the olive oil I had to rub on them doesn't get on my card stock.  But I love that my crafting supplies that I already have can perform another function.

I have another pendant in the works, but I won't be able to finish it until tomorrow or Wednesday because it's done in layers.  So here's the one I made tonight.

 I don't know why the second photo keeps turning sideways!  But you can at least see the necklace!  The photo on the left helps show a little more contrast  between the flowers.  Some are shiny smooth and some are brushed metal.  I'm hoping my son remembers to get his dremmel back from his girlfriend tomorrow so I can use it to polish with.  Then I'll be able to make a greater differentiation between the flowers.

Using this clay is so much fun.  It's like magic every time I turn something from clay into silver!

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