Monday, July 30, 2012

Too much!

Heavens!  How do I let so much time pass between posts?  Oh, I!  So, whenever I have too much to do, I work on cards or jewelry.  Nothing like adding a little extra to my to-do lists to make me feel relaxed!

Actually, yesterday was very relaxing after I did some yard work and a little garage cleaning.  So while I was waiting for either my husband or son to go fetch dinner, I decided to work on some cards.  Now, I don't know about you, but I always have bits and pieces of cards that I started but never finished for one reason or another.  Maybe I've used a new technique to create a background, but then can't decide what to do with it.  Or I made a focal image but couldn't decide how best to showcase it.  Over the months these things tend to pile up.  I find them all again as I shove clean my space.  So last night I decided to actually use up some of these things instead of making more to add to a pile card.  Here are the results:

These two were from a piece I made about 2 years ago I think.  I intended to use the leaves as a background but couldn't decide how or with what.  Last night I decided it wasn't meant to be a background, it was meant to be an accent.  I think it has much more impact this way.  What's really unusual for me is that I didn't use texture plates or dimensionals on these.  I almost never make a flat card anymore, but I like how these came out.  Now if I could just remember how I made the background behind the leaves.....

For this one, the little bird was causing trouble.  I had bought some paper-thin wood sheets back in March.  When I got home, my new bird stamp was in, to go with my bird punch (I love stamps and punches or dies that go together!  So I immediately sat down and stamped a bird on the wood and punched it out.  And there it sat until now. Unlike the above cards, this uses both texture and dimensionals (under the wing).  I think the embossing makes it look rather elegant, while the bird adds a touch of whimsy.

I originally just planned to have this black and white.  I love this stamp.  But it looked too plain, even though I love black and white.  The solution?  Add these butterflies.  Love that punch of color!

Another bird I couldn't decide what to do with.  I'd used him to practice coloring with alcohol markers.  He finally found his perfect perch here on this bird and vine embossed background.  Too bad I didn't see that there was a stamp for feet before I glued him down!

This is a blatant copy of a card I saw on Pinterest by a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  Not an exact duplicate, but close.  I've had these darn flowers stamped and punched for about 6 months....

I don't even know how long I've had this butterfly cut out.  It's so big I just couldn't decide what to do with it.  Finally thought of something!

These glitter butterflies were originally made with the intention of one being flat, and the second being placed on top of it with open wings.  I think I played around with card layering colors about 100 times.  I never could get something I liked.  Last night I decided to use them as separate pieces, and it made it much easier to make decisions.  The bottom one is adhered flat, the top one is adhered just by the body so that the wings can stand up.

So there you have it.  After months of gathering dust, these items have finally made it into finished cards.  I wish I could say I was finished, but I have so many more pieces/parts laying around.  And I have every evening free this week.  Which naturally means I won't work on a darn thing!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jewelry Class

Why, or why do I let so much time go between posts?  Oh, right, LIFE!

I was recently coerced  convinced that I should have a jewelry class of my own.  As in, where I taught everyone how to make something.  Wait.  TEACH a class?  I mean, I was a teacher by profession (when there were teaching jobs actually available), but teach jewelry?  I'm just a novice myself.  However, the novice-ier novices than me finally persuaded me.

I sent and email to everyone living, breathing woman I knew (sorry guys, but few of you that I know personally would be in the least bit interested!).  I had 11 reply that they could make it on the date I set.  I busily ordered supplies, got food and drink, and waited for the big day.

8 of the 11 who originally said they could make it, made it, and one person brought a friend.  It turned out to be a blast!  It was such an eclectic group of women: some from Italian Dinner Club, some from work (current and former), some from stamping, and one from way back.

As in my stamping group (participant, not demonstrator!), everyone had their own ideas of how to get to the final product.  We started with the idea of making earrings.  But several people decided to use the design as a pendant, and make simpler matching earrings.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take pictures.  I sent an email asking for some and managed to get 4 back.  If I get any more, I'll post them, too.  But here are some of the wonderful results. And I can't wait to do another one.  No coercion necessary!