Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lots of Cards

For crying out loud!  I can't believe I've gone so long between posts yet again. I really need to quit my jobs.  They interfere with my free time! (actually, I'm working on this at work.  SHHHHH!)

I have made a number of cards since my last post.  I will admit, they are mostly CASEd from other places.  I will try to include the link to where I got them from, but in the essence of time, I may have to return to that later. (Yeah, like that would happen when I can't even get a post out!)

 I made this for my nephews for Easter.  I saw it here and thought it was too cute to pass up!  I was fortunate that I have so many scraps, I was able to use all scraps and not have to cut into any full pieces.

This is actually my own idea!  It's made with The Secret Garden stamps from Stampin' Up!.  I was going to do something very colorful, and then I got the idea to try just black and white.  the leaves are stamped.  The flowers are embossed with black embossing powder, then die cut, colored with a Bic black marker, and popped up on foam.  The sentiment is backed by a tag made from cutting out the middle of a longer tag punch to form a smaller one.

A friend pinned a card with this idea.  I decided to revamp it a little.  One of the great things about using an embossing folder over a completed front is that it hides a lot of things.  For example, the sentiment, which is computer generated, was actually cut almost completely apart when I tried to use it in a different card and chose the wrong size oval template to cut it. But going through the embossing folder, you can't even tell!  I found this butterfly embossing folder at Hobby Lobby.

You can find a tutorial for these collage panel cards here.  I stumbled on it and fell in love.  I immediately sat down and made these two. The sentiments are both from SU! ( I think, but not sure about the thank you one without going downstairs to look.  My daughter is waiting impatiently for me to get off the computer, though, so I don't dare go check!)

I really liked this when I saw it.  My version has smaller leaves with only the outline instead of filled (too much punching otherwise!), and I didn't use linen paper. But I still love it!  The sentiment is from SU!

I didn't use the technique described here, but I used the design concept, which I also saw here. I love the look of the stamped images extending beyond the inked panel.  The sentiment is from SU!.  The foliage is both SU! and Gina K Designs.

This technique has been making the rounds.  Here is one version of it.  I love the look of it.  I want to try it with some other stamps now.  Stamps are from Secret Garden from SU!

Can't for the life of me find the link to where I saw this idea.  I really like the embossed vellum.  I've been wanting to do a gray and yellow card forever.  So I combined the two and got this. Stamps from SU! Secret Garden.

My oldest daughter loves Hello Kitty.  For her 21st birthday I googled punch art Hello Kitty.  This is a combination of several different cards.  I thought she came out pretty cute!

I know I saw something almost exactly like this somewhere.  But I have looked through all my Pinterest pins and can't find it.  So I apologize to whomever made the one that gave me the idea.  But I do love it.  Of course, black and white is always a winner in my book.  The front panel is completely covered in diamond dust glitter.  So sparkly!  Background stamp is from SU!.  Foliage stamp is from an unknown source.

I decided to go a little nuts with this one.  The background is stamped with versamark.  Then the leaves are stamped and die cut.  The flowers were made by stamping and clear embossing  a design, then stamping and embossing with my Secret Garden stamps from Gina K. Designs. After die  cutting them, I popped tow of them up on different height foam.  A different look for me, but I like it.  I think I'll have to try something similar with other stamps and colors.

This is another one that is just mine. It ended up like this because I had ink on the side of my hand.  I left a smear right above the right hand flower.  Rather than recolor a complete new flower, I decided to just cut it out. This was the result, which I quite like.  This is from the Texas set of Stately Flowers from Gina K. Designs.

I've had this pinned forever.  I finally got around to making my version.  I'll add an appropriate sentiment when I'm ready to use it.  Stamps are from Secret Garden by SU!

I swear I got this idea from the same place as the collage cards above.  But heck if I can find it.  the background was done using the letterpress technique with an embossing folder. Portions of stamped designs were used to create each square.  I just thought this was such a cool idea instead of one stamp being the focal image.  Stamps used are from multiple sources: Club Scrap, SU!, and Gina K Designs.

I do like butterflies!  This was CASEd from here.  I may or may not add a sentiment.

I got the idea for these cards from this site.  I love her colors.  I don't have the re-inkers, though, and had to use puddles of ink from my stamp pads.  As a result, my colors are very muted in comparison.  I like them, but I really like the bolder colors of the originals.  May have to start buying re-inkers, now.  Just don't tell my husband!

My original plan for the first one was to do more layers, but I was tired and embossed the wrong layer.  Rather than add to my gazillion pieces of cardstock waiting to be turned into cards, I just used it.  But looking at it now, it looks kind of funny being so short.  May need to put another layer between the gray scallop and the burgundy base card.

Both cards had the floral panel sprayed with shimmer ink, but that doesn't show up well in the photos.  You'll have to trust me that they DO shimmer!

I'd like to say that I'll post again soon.  But I don't want to break any promises!  I got several new stamp sets for Mother's Day, however, that I've already started trying out.  So you never know....