Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gardens and proms and cards, oh my!

Wow!  What a busy month--rehearsals, prom for my youngest, deadlines galore.  And the last week has been the busiest!  The play I am currently in opened on Saturday; my oldest daughter moved on Saturday; my husband left for a week in 'Vegas on Sunday.  Despite tons of rain, I've actually had time to garden as well.  Here's my vegetable garden so far this year:

and my daughter in her prom dress: 

Yesterday I went and bought some new storage units for my craft-room-to-be.  Now that my oldest has moved out (again), I am going to take over her room (again).  This time, though, I'm doing it with some thought other than just getting everything moved out of the basement.  I want to paint first.  I have a table to create.  THEN I can move things in.  I can hardly wait!  But one more weekend of the play first, then I'll have some time to devote to the craft room.

I have managed to make a few cards, though.  As usual when I want to create but am pressed for time, I CASEd a number of cards.  Here we go...

This one is made from the Gina K Designs Spring Parade kit. My wonderful husband got it for me for Mother's Day. I was so excited! You can see the one I CASEd here. I decided to go with a brighter version.  I am really happy with it.
This is another stamp set from Gina K that my husband bought me. (Sweet man, he bought everything on my wish list!)  I have done a reflection scene one other time I think.  This Northwoods stamp set seemed perfect to try it again.  Especially since I had already seen another card for inspiration and guidance.  I love how it turned out!

I have been wanting Gina K's Stamp It Big set since it came out.  Fortunately, it was on my Mother's Day wish list. Of course, now there is a second set, and Christmas is too far away!

I drew inspiration from this card.  The original has 3 buttons in the upper right.  I didn't have 3 black buttons, and yellow didn't look right.  So for now, it's plain.  But I do think it needs something....

Another one of the stamp sets included in the Spring Parade kit. The original card was quite lovely in shades of aqua, black, gray, and white.  Very soft.  I decided to go bright and bold instead.  Mostly because I have these buttons I never get to use!  I think it is a great, cheerful card.

Yet another one with two of the Gina K sets.  The leaves are from two of the sets in the spring Parade kit.  The sentiment is from the One Free with 3 set for May--A Little Something.  My goal was to use each stamp set so that my husband would know how much I appreciated him getting me all of them!  I still have one set to use, or maybe two since this just used leaves.

Anyway, since the stamps are clear acrylic, they are somewhat bendable.  So instead of having to keep my sentiment straight, I was able to make it wavy.  I can't seem to find the inspiration card, so I'm afraid I can't credit my muse.

And my final card.  I have always liked black and white.  So I saw this card and decided to CASE it. I don't have a large flourish stamp, so I decided to use this one twice.  I left space at the bottom right to add a sentiment tag, but I kind of like it just the way it is.

So that's it for now.  It may be a while before I post again.  With luck, I will have photos of my new crafting space to share.  I can't wait to get started!