Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life Interrupted

Ok. 6 months. Wow.  Life has interrupted my blogging.  But I didn't realize it had been that long. I won't be boorish and provide details. I'll just jump right in...as soon as I figure out if I want to talk about cards or jewelry or both.  I have been busy with both of those things since I last wrote.  Although showing and describing everything since then would take forever.  So I'll just do a few now and try to add a bit more regularly until I'm caught up.

There were two big things happening in my life just after the last post.

The first is that I was fortunate enough to be cast as Truvy in a local production of Steel Magnolias.  I had a blast! Here are my head shot (best photo I've ever had taken in my life) and cast photo.

Unfortunately, the second thing was terribly sad.  One of my good friends committed suicide.  She had been having some health issues that for months had been being brushed off  by everyone, including specialists, as "all in her head".  The last specialist who said it was the final straw.  She took her life.  In the letter she left behind, she asked her husband to insist on an autopsy.  He did.  I talked to him a couple of weeks ago (it took 6 months for the results--not a day or two like they show on tv!).  Turns out there was indeed something wrong with her that could have been discovered through more intensive testing.  I miss her terribly.

During that time I was playing around with copper etching.  Here is one of the pieces I made up.  I kept this one for myself.  The copper washer was etched  with a  design I stamped on first.  The leaf does actually have etched veins, though they are hard to see here.  This is a super easy technique .  Here are some great instructions!

I just realized I don't have more photos of anything I did at that time because I've put them in the shop.  My hair stylist convinced the salon owner to let me put my stuff up for sale in her salon. I sell a couple of pieces a month, which is nice.

Finally, for now, here are some cards I CASEd.  I use Pinterest a lot, and these were from an idea I'd gotten there.  I'll try to link to the originals if I can find them...

These cards used watercolor dry embossing .  You can find the tutorial at Splitcoast Stampers here.  I used Stampin Up! ink and an aqua painter to do the coloring.  I also have the Manhattan embossing folder, so that is what caught my eye originally. I planned on using the first two right away, so I stamped sentiments immediately.  The last one is still waiting for the appropriate occasion. 

This card I made from a stamp that someone had given me several years ago.  I tried to color it the way the stamp itself showed it  I am not a good colorer, so I am rather pleased with how both the roses and the birthday cake cards turned out.


Ok .  Enough for now.  Yesterday was our first snowstorm of the season (I know--in March), so I didn't go to work.  Today I have the stomach 'flu. I've reached my maximum time for being upright.  I'll try to catch up a little in the next week or so.  

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Diane said...

Wonderful cards and copper etching. I need to try dry embossing.

Regards diane