Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trees Of Life

I've made a bunch of jewelry in the past month.  No too many cards.  So I'm posting about jewelry again. I'll just do a few at a time, though, so as not to be totally boring!  This post will show the trees of life I've made.

I went online to learn how to make these, then did some of my own adaptations.  The video I found most helpful was actually by a woman who has had several jewelry videos I have watched.  Here's the one for the tree of life:  Camille Sharon.  I like hers because the beads don't all go straight.  You can see the straight bead ones online--they don't look very tree-like.  These do.

My first one was actually an attempt to copy the work of  Vixens Natural Jewelry.  But no one seems to think mine looks like a tree and moon like hers do.  Don't know if that's because of the bead or the position of the wire.  Actually, I think I need to make a branch across the "moon" and perhaps use thicker wire.  I'll be trying this again for sure.

My second one seems to be a favorite of those who have seen it.  I used square wire for the frame instead of round and made it a little smaller than the moon one. May try this again perhaps with thicker wire also.  But I like this one.    I have plenty of these pearls, so I can certainly make more.

This one is made like the pearl one, but with turquoise beads. Back to using round wire, though, for the frame  It's also a little smaller than the pearl one.  I really like it as well, but maybe another branch?  Or maybe just move one down a little.

That's all for now.  More later!

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